Monday, 30 October 2017

Lord Logenburt Part Six

contributed by L.A. Bridger 

(Catch up on previous installments here.)

The crack rang through the air. Frederic Logenburt the last of the Dragon Lords turned slowly, heart pounding in his chest, to see one of the eggs with a large crack in it. Before he could even think to run, the egg shattered completely revealing what lay inside.

From where he sat on the floor Frederic watched as the creature unfurled leathery, bat like wings to reveal the body of a small child. However, it was like no child Frederic had ever seen. Its arms, legs, and back were covered in dark green scales that extended down a long thick tail covered in spikes, which protruded from the tip of the tail to the base of the creature's neck. As it turned to look at Frederic he saw its eyes were yellow with narrow slit-like pupils like that of a cat.

Suddenly the creature opened its mouth revealing sharp needle like teeth and let out an ear splitting wail. Frederic clamped his hands over his ears but it did nothing to block out the horrible noise. Beside him the baron also was covering his ears. As the creature continued to wail Frederic thought he could almost make out words among the noise. But that couldn’t be possible. Everyone knew dragons couldn’t talk, though he had to admit he had never seen a dragon that looked so human before. He had known that a monstrosity would be born if a dragon was hatched using human blood, but he had always assumed that it would just be a normal dragon with the intelligence of a human.

Even as he continued to watch the strange creature he could see the dragon aspects beginning to fade from its body until all that sat crying before them was a normal looking human child.  Except for the leathery wings coming from its back of course. Feeling more confident now that the creature looked more like a human child he slowly approached, more out of a need to get it to stop crying rather than bravery. Just as he was about to reach out and touch it it opened its eyes and in a second it had become a fully transformed baby dragon. Frederic gasped and pulled his hand away.

“Incredible.” Frederic heard the Baron breathe behind him.

Incredible?! More like terrifying, Frederic thought. A dragon that could pass as a human would be extremely dangerous. Especially if it was following the orders of a man like the Baron. Frederic knew he had to do something but what that something was he didn’t know.

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